bathe with your baby. ┋long island new york in home newborn, child, family photographer ┋grace photography by max grey

mom: “everyone should bathe with their baby. everyone.”

this newborn was 5 days,

and found the most relishing comfort in a warm tea bath with mom and sister.


so simple, but so deeply emotionally effective.


here is just another rendition of family, child, and newborn photography.

it comes in many forms, but the importance of it is found in YOUR form.


home life. | long island new york in home family photography | grace photography by max grey

in home family photography will always be my first love.

and the love for my families are always fresh and new, even if they keep comin’ back for more!

as does this family. I still have to blog that little guys in home birth, and newborn session. that’s right. that boy was born at home! An in home photographer’s dream!!

going a little out of order here, but here is his 3 month session/big sister’s 2 year..just doing their in home, day to day with mom.

it was quick and lively, simply perfect.

a little compilation in a BIG way. it is never a bad time to grab some life photos in your home. in fact, it is always a good time. “now” is ideal.


wait until I blog the 1 year in the home, really cool to see such change, but with such a similar foundation still….


family bed. ⎮ long island new york family photographer ⎮ grace photography by max grey


it comes in many forms.

when you decide to book a family photo shoot,  or perhaps toss around the idea of doing a shoot, envision what that photo session will be like, what exactly runs through your mind?

think about it for a moment…

did you think about family pictures in and around your home? perhaps family bed pictures? just as you are with your littles, and second half?

its grand and glorious and purely unapologetic and tangible.

when you book your next family and child photography session, think about the depths of your family, and what beauty you have created in this world you live day in and day out.

you aren’t just a pretty picture to hang on a wall. you are so much more, you are humans. you make mistakes, you laugh, you cry, you may have mess everywhere, sometimes you have it all together and sometimes you don’t. but once that sun goes down, it is just you and your people.


time to document the real.


this session was filled with outside festivities, some extended family, and then these last few moments.

pure bliss in the realm of raw.

no one can ever have these pictures duplicated. each and every family is different, so every story photographically told, is honest and true.

what does your dynamic look like?




child. its many forms. | long island new york in home child and family lifestyle photographer | grace photography by max grey

a little bit different.

children come in many forms. sometimes, one child embodies a plethora of forms of him or herself.

one human, many depths. many expressions.

photographing families and children opens up many a world of wonder. parents visually look at their children every single day. however, do they really ‘see’ them?

one embodiment of personality.

in home photography always reaches farther than anyone could possibly know.



fine art.

all can be achieved in home. just stick to the people. the relationship. the internal emotional workings of that body.

this family has welcomed me into their lives many times, and while I feel as though I know them so very well, I get to know them just a little bit more with each visit. this visit was filled with a lot of observation, solitude, and angles of expression.

sadie let me into her little personal world a bit more than bennett. it really showed  how different and unique they both really are.

the fantastic king kids.